Your confidence is always custom
with lipp beauty!

LIPP Beauty is a custom lipstick, cruelty-free beauty brand that allows you to create your own lip colors and puts the power of finding your PERFECT shade in your own hands.

From choosing your hue and finish to even your own lipstick tube and packaging, LIPP Beauty not only matches you with shades that flatter your diverse skin tone but also let’s you create LIPP shades from scratch based on things that empower, motivate and inspire you.

From barely there nudes to pinks, reds and purples that pack a punch, the possibilities are endless and so diverse that we make sure there’s a shade for every pair of lips.

Over 1,000 Color Combinations
Infinite  LIPPstick Shades
3 Different Finishes
Countless Cruelty-Free Creations

We believe that beauty is subjective and it’s all about what makes you feel your prettiest and at your best. LIPP Beauty was created to celebrate this concept and by being so personalized, we allow women who may not be well-versed in makeup to feel confident and have a hand in creating what makes them special.