What do you get when your beauty arsenal includes style, class and a bubbly smile? Enter Aleah Rae Dorsey, a fierce and fearless businesswoman who is leading and building a successful beauty empire — one lipstick at a time.

The founder and CEO of custom, cruelty-free beauty brand, LIPP BEAUTY, Aleah Rae brings creativity and innovation to the industry by enhancing the beauty routines for thousands of women around the world — empowering them to customize their confidence by putting the power of finding the perfect lipstick shade into their own hands.

A professional makeup artist & educator, Aleah Rae launched LIPP BEAUTY in order to compliment diverse skin tones — creating unique, handmade lipstick shades for all women, while offering convenient tools & products for girls-on-the-go. LIPP BEAUTY is all about being true to you, breaking barriers and defying beauty expectations.

Hailing from Washington, DC, this powerhouse graduated from Rutgers University with honors and has traveled the world, working with big box beauty brands such as Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Smashbox, Yves Saint Laurent and Armani — just to name a few. Women from all walks of life have entrusted their glam in the hands of Aleah Rae, including comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish.

Always with a lipstick in-hand and her heart on her sleeve, Aleah Rae’s recipe for success also includes giving back. Proceeds from select LIPP BEAUTY products go toward causes near and dear to her, including Alzheimer’s research and pampering sessions for senior citizens.

A self-proclaimed boss babe, Aleah Rae is proudly turning pouts into smiles and helping women pucker up and embrace their natural beauty. In all, she continues to live everyday with the mission that you can create your own beauty standards and feel confident while doing so!